34 ~ Return


First Father takes me home, then I find my power returned, and my memories of this place were not appearing in my dreams, that I am here, my power is gone, and I can remember everything clearly. I only wonder how long I've been away.

[ooc: Strikes gone.]

33 ~ Sanctuary

Filtered from Greed; Unhackable

If anyone wishes to hide from that monstrosity, I will offer my services to you this once. Just get near a large mirror or reflective surface and I will find you. Whether he can track you or not, he cannot come in here without me.

32 ~ Servants

...Shinku, I do not see how you live with these humans. Though the one does indeed make a decent cup of coffee, the other "accidentally" closes doors in our faces and sits on the computer uselessly all day.

Filtered to Dieites;

...Please, I do not know what else I have to offer for my Rosa Mystica other than my own memories. I would give up those of much of my life. I just...need the power back. I'm afraid I will stop moving without it.

[ooc: Um, I'm actually planning something pretty big with her, I want to switch her over to manga!Suigintou, since there are some differences between the anime and manga, and this would be a good way to lead up to it.]

31 ~ Gluttony

...I seem to have had an unnatural amount of tea already today. However, I can't seem to quench my thirst.

[Filtered to Deities; Unhackable]

To the one called King, I am very appreciative for you returning Tayuya to life, but one of the other deities made me realize that now I have no way to protect it any longer. Would there be any way I could exchange something else in order to obtain my Rosa Mystica again, or provide a service to you, or something?

30 ~ Remedy

Masaki, thank you for taking me around for a while. Er, I...apologize again for my actions. I don't know what's gotten into me today.

Glinda, I think some tea might calm both of our nerves. I have one in mind for us as well. And...I'll make sure not to touch you, since that might end up...awkward again. I can prepare a bath for you as well, I believe that would also help.

29 ~ Lust

...I don't understand. happening?

Glinda, I'm...sorry. I don't know why I did that... I'll leave you and your guest alone for the rest of the night. I need to find what's wrong with me anyway...

[ooc: Cursed, random vursts of energy are being thrown at her from Tayuya, and she woke up to find herself MUCH closer to Glinda than she was when she fell asleep.]

28 ~ Rosa Mystica

Just when I'd thought things had calmed down. Really, you people seem to love putting the spotlight on yourselves.

[Filtered to Rozen Maidens; Unhackable]

...I no longer have the right to participate in the Alice Game. I'm of you will find another way to become Alice to please Father.

27 ~ Life

[Filtered to Deities; Hackable by anyone BUT Tayuya]

...Is it possible to revive a person who died before coming here? Starting their heart again, even though they'd still be stuck here for eternity? I understand that you require payment for any services, and if it is...then I may have suitable payment.
reach me

25 ~ Betrayal

Red God...please forget what I asked before. But thank you for your willingness to help.

Shinku, there are many who wish to have tea with us. I do hope your medium is taking care of you.

[Filtered to Tayuya; hackable to the skilled]


Am I betraying you by being...Glinda's...friend?

[ooc: She feels horribly guilty ;_;]